Need special pricing for promos? Learn about Vary Payments!

Lenard Cassimatis
5 minutes

Promos are a great way of enticing new members to try before they commit.   Perfect for running limited-time-only promos, our varied payments feature allows you to apply special pricing on subscription plans for any specific member.  It’s perfect for members who want to try before they commit.

And now’s the perfect chance to try it out! The new financial year is a great time to start ramping up some bargain deals for new members!

With varied payments you have total control:

  • You pick and choose which members you apply the pricing for.
  • You pick the pricing.  Feeling generous?  You can even make it free!
  • You select a duration of how long the promo runs i.e. for a week, a month, or even longer.

It’s hands-off and super easy! Once you set a duration, the promo will expire and automatically place the member on a regular subscription. 

Let’s show you how to set it up.

  1. Head to your dashboard

Login to your venue’s dashboard (if you haven’t already signed up, you can do it for FREE here).

  1. View subscriptions, make a new action

Hit the button labelled subscriptions found on the left menu bar.   Once there, a blue button on the top right labelled actions can be found.  Select it, and then select vary payments.

  1. Create vary payment

From here, you can select a customer by searching their name or mobile number linked to their account.  You can also create a new customer.  Then, select the pre-existing plan you’ll be varying.  This will prompt the normal payment and vary to parameters to show, which will then allow to amend the price.

Below this, you can choose the effective date (or leave empty to begin the vary payment immediately) and then select the duration to which the vary payment will conclude (or leave empty to run the vary payment indefinitely)

Congrats, you just set up your first vary payment!  You can view, amend or remove the request in the vary payment request tab located on the top left of the page, next to the subscriptions tab.

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