Vary, pause or cancel - how to update your subscriptions status easily!

Lenard Cassimatis
5 minutes

You’ve probably already been made well aware of how aqtiv uses subscriptions to give your business a boost - but what happens if your members' situation suddenly changes?  They might be going away on a holiday, want to take a short break, or moving out of the area.  

Well with aqtiv, you can change their subscription status with ease.  

Follow these simple steps to change your member’s subscription details, pause their subscription or cancel it entirely.

  1. Go to subscriptions, found under the finance tab in your dashboard menu
  2. Find your member of choice, and hit the ellipsis button (...)
  3. Vary, pause or cancel their subscription

  1. Go to subscriptions

From the dashboard, find subscriptions on the left-hand menu under the finance tab.  This will give you a list of all your members with an active, paused or canceled subscription.  

  1. Find your subscription

You can find subscriptions by using the search bar on top.  Search for a member name, or a mobile number associated with the subscription.  You can even filter results by using the buttons to the right of the search bar.   You can filter results through the type of subscription, its status (whether the subscription is active, paused, unpaid or canceled), or the date it was created.

You can also sort the columns in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column header, in order to find the earliest or latest subscription.

Once you’ve found your member, hit the ellipsis button on the far right side of their subscription.

  1. Vary, pause or cancel

A dialog box will prompt, allowing you to make a number of choices.

Vary - change the payment terms, payment amount, and more with vary payments (you can learn more about that here!)

Pause - temporarily stop subscription until your customers are ready to resume. No need to cancel and re-subscribe your members if they go away for work, or take a break , or go on holiday!  Hit pause subscription and they’ll be ready to resume once back.

Cancel - Sometimes, life throws unexpected hurdles your way.  If you need to cancel a member subscription, don’t fret!  They’ll still be available to you to re-engage at a later date.

That’s it, it’s that simple.

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